WP ViyaShift: Your One-Stop Solution for Seamless SAS 9.4 to Viya 4 Migration

April 24, 2024
WP ViyaShift: Your One-Stop Solution for Seamless SAS 9.4 to Viya 4 Migration

The migration from SAS 9.4 to SAS Viya 4 represents a significant leap forward in analytical capabilities for businesses. SAS Viya offers a modern, cloud-enabled platform designed for enhanced performance, scalability, and user experience. However, the prospect of migrating complex SAS environments can be daunting, particularly when faced with the complexities of manual migration.

This is where  WP ViyaShift steps in. Developed by Woodpecker, a SAS Global Partner specializing in SAS Viya implementation, machine learning, and visual analytics, WP ViyaShift offers a one-stop solution for effortless SAS 9.4 to Viya 4 migration.

Challenges of Manual SAS 9.4 to Viya 4 Migration

Manual migration involves a series of intricate steps, often exceeding 30 individual steps. These steps include, but not limited to:

  • Configuring SAS migration utilities
  • Executing and monitoring individual commands
  • Importing assessment reports to Viya
  • Exporting data from assessment reports
  • Creating packages for supported content
  • Manually validating successful execution
  • Monitoring import results
  • Manual package creation for unsupported content

This not only translates to a lengthy and time-consuming process but also introduces a high risk of errors. Even minor mistakes during manual migration can lead to inconsistencies and disruptions in the migrated environment. Additionally, manual migration requires personnel with specialized skills in both SAS 9.4 and Viya, further adding to the resource constraints.

WP ViyaShift: Automating the Migration Journey

WP ViyaShift eliminates the complexities and inefficiencies associated with manual migration. It streamlines the entire process into a user-friendly, automated workflow, encompassing the following stages:

  1. Analysis: WP ViyaShift conducts a comprehensive analysis of your SAS 9.4 environment to identify content suitable for migration.
  2. Transport Package Creation: The tool creates transport packages for the content that can be migrated to the Viya platform.
  3. Automated Mapping: WP ViyaShift automates the creation of mapping files in the backend through scripting, ensuring accurate translation between SAS 9.4 and Viya environments.
  4. Importing: The tool efficiently imports all the identified data into the Viya environment, facilitating a smooth transition.
  5. Validation: WP ViyaShift performs thorough validation of the migrated environment to guarantee data integrity and ensure all functionalities operate as expected.

Benefits of Utilizing WP ViyaShift

By leveraging WP ViyaShift for your SAS 9.4 to Viya 4 migration, you gain a multitude of advantages:

  • Effortless Migration: The intuitive interface and automated processes significantly reduce the complexity of migration, minimizing the need for manual intervention.
  • Reduced Time and Cost: WP ViyaShift expedites the migration process, leading to faster adoption of SAS Viya and a quicker return on investment.
  • Enhanced Accuracy: Automation eliminates the risk of human error, ensuring a more reliable and consistent migration outcome.
  • Simplified Resource Management: The tool eliminates the need for extensive manual scripting and specialized skillsets, freeing up your IT resources for other critical tasks.
  • Improved Efficiency: Streamlined workflows and automated processes enhance overall migration efficiency.

Beyond Automation: Additional Services Offered by Woodpecker

Woodpecker goes beyond offering a robust migration tool. They provide a comprehensive suite of services to support your entire SAS journey, including:

  • SAS Training: Woodpecker offers training programs to equip your team with the necessary skills to navigate the SAS Viya environment effectively.
  • Performance Auditing: The company can identify bottlenecks and optimize your SAS environment for peak performance.
  • Remote Administration: Woodpecker provides dedicated SAS experts to manage your SAS Viya environment remotely, ensuring its smooth operation.
  • Customer Advisory: Woodpecker assists with strategic planning and guidance throughout the migration process.


Migrating from SAS 9.4 to SAS Viya 4 unlocks a new era of analytical capabilities for your organization. However, the prospect of manual migration can be a deterrent. With WP ViyaShift, Woodpecker offers a one-stop solution designed to automate the migration process, eliminate complexities, and ensure a seamless transition to SAS Viya 4.